It's the BOWERY STATION $1000 dollar gig contest!

....and the winner is......

Sweet Honey Hospitality!!!
Congrats, and thank you to everyone for their great songs, and effort they put forth in this challenge.  Come enjoy Sweet Honey Hospitality Saturday, June 18th from 6-9:30pm for a final show a Bowery Station in it's current location.

Enjoy all the entrants below...........

Tony Young - Low Country Boil

Kevin Rollins - B-O-W-E-R-Y Station

Jace Smith - Bowery Station, Apalachicola Florida

Jim Roberts - Bowery Station

Dave Cerrato - Meet Me There 

Sweet Honey Hospitality - Bowery Station The Song

Daniel Parrish - Ain't That Some BS

Less Americans - The Bowery Scoot

Lee C. Payton - Black Cat Run (AKA - Bowery Song)

Robert E. Mason - No Calendar Needed

Brandon and Gary -  Atmosphere (at the station)

Jerry Newman - Jerry Newman's Bowery Song