It's easy for us to tell musicians about our efforts to create a performer-centric music venue. but we think those that have graced our stage say it best!

"Bowery Station is a great venue! Locals and tourists alike come to drink wine and beer, and to hear live music. The audience really appreciates the shows, and the crowds often spill out onto the sidewalk of this open air bar. We are looking forward to a return visit this fall! It was a pleasure to work with Matt and Lisa!" - Bill Wharton  "Sauce Boss"

"This is rare and wonderful venue. Matt and Lisa have created a welcoming atmosphere where you are surrounded by friends even if it's your first time performing there. Supportive, listening audience there for the music. 
It's refreshing, and a joy to play." - Del Suggs

"The Bowery is our absolute favorite venue to perform!! Management, audience, sound, setting and all around vibe set this place apart as a venue where people come to experience music and have a great time." - The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn

"Bowery Station is by far one of the greatest live music venues I've ever played.  The Gardi's have created something very special here. They really focus on the music, encouraging their acts to be themselves, have fun, and keep growing.  The crowd there is always great! There can be a real party going on, but they always seem to be engaged with the performer. It's nice to get a genuine response after a song, instead of the usual clanging of beer bottles and empty silence that comes with a lot of other venues.
Two big thumbs up!"
- Sarah Moranville

"Bowery Station is my favorite venue. Hands down. Matt and Lisa really care about every musician that performs. We are treated like family and I love that. Not only do they provide a full PA, they are very generous. If they do well, they always take care of us! It’s a great partnership!" - Garnet & Soul 

"As far as establishing a music-friendly atmosphere while keeping the organic rowdiness of a bar, Bowery Station can’t be beat!"
 - The Currys

"Such a great atmosphere and vibe! Matt and Lisa have done a great job creating a place where people come to hear original music and engage with the artist!" - Rebel Union 

"It is so rare to find a bar to play that feels like a concert venue. The owners, Lisa and Matt, along with the people that come to The Bowery Station love live music and are so supportive. It’s such a great live music atmosphere from the crowd and the stage."
- John Sutton 

"Absolutely one of our favorite places to play. I'd say you have it dialed in. If anyone says otherwise, they're amateurs." 
- Sticky Too 

"Matt and Lisa always provide us with everything we need and as an added bonus are very considerate by helping with promoting events." - The Frank Jones Band

"Fantastic stage setup with equipment that facilitates great sound throughout the venue. Everyone we met there was kind, helpful and the owners were very accommodating. I appreciate all the feedback we received.  We are looking forward to playing here again soon!" - Thousand Dollar Hen 

"We love playing at a venue that supports & promotes musicians. We are not told what to play, just play what we like and do the best rendition we can. We love to see people enjoying the music, dancing, clapping, shouting out ~ all the things musicians need to hear and feel appreciated. The owners, Matt & Lisa, are always great to work with. They smile when we get there and make us feel welcome and continue to do whatever they can to make the performance go well. We love having someone actually pay attention to the sound and work to get it right. We are given plenty of time to set up and now that the "Stage has been enlarged" by a caring bar owner, who knows that "a promise made is a debt unpaid" we have plenty of room. Can't thank you enough. We also appreciate the good advertisement that always accompanies our performances. Keep up the fantastic work." - Wakulla Rising   

"Premiere music venue. Great sound.  Friendly atmosphere.  Conscientious owners.  Love playing here." - Cat Braaten

"Playin the Bowery has always been an excellent experience. The support in front of house sound, stage logistics and major advertising push pre-show plus the support provided to local events/needs makes for a great gig." - Southern Flood 

"Best place to play in the area. One of our favorite places to play anywhere! We love you guys!" - Highbeams

"Matt and Lisa are two of kindest and warmest venue owners I know! Their patrons naturally take on the same wonderful demeanor and I always feel welcome. The musicians are always well paid , well tipped , and treated amazing :)" - Belle and the Band

"You guys seriously are doing it right! We appreciate you and can't wait to see you soon!" 
- Boo Radley (Tied the Knot at Bowery Station!)

"Best place to play in Apalachicola. They push originals and have a great crowd even on slow days. Why go anywhere else?"
 - George Maddox 

"Always a pleasure to play Bowery." - The Jerry Thigpen Trio

"One of the best places we perform at. Hospitable and always an interactive crowd, in part bc BS facilitates a live music focused environment." - Wailin' Wolves 

"Matt and Lisa are Great Folks, they make you feel right at home and so do all people who come out to enjoy Live Music."
 - Bill Pandolfi and Wayne Britt Music

"Love it at the Bowery Station. Friendly and comfortable. Great soundman......Love to just get the guitar out and start playin, no set up. Thanks to all of you that I have had the pleasure to play in front of." - Paul Boyle/Low Country Boyle 

"Nothin but good. Great sound, vibe, audience, communication, compensation, tips. Y’all are doing an awesome job!!!" 
- Genna and Jesse

"Matt and Lisa are doing a great thing at Bowery Station by keeping music a top priority, treating musicians well and providing an excellent stage and sound system. The community clearly love the place. I enjoy playing there when I’m passing through. Good music is good business!" - The Real Rob

"You make me sound good and support my original music what is not to love!"  - Eric Mason

"Easily one of my most favorite venues to play. A highly organic and rich performing experience with a unique atmosphere and locale only the heart of Apalachicola could provide." - Brad Foutch 

"What a great place, with great people who love to get down and have a good time!" - Dirty Red and the Soul Shakers

"We always have a great time when we are there. Everyone is so nice. It is a Rockin place." - Patrick Road Band