Every Year, in celebration of Bowery Station's Anniversary in early February, we host an Annual SPAM Cook-Off on Superbowl Sunday!  As many as 30 entrants have vied for the title, which includes the honor of wearing the coveted Blue Spam jacket while on site, having your name emblazoned on the cobweb covered SPAM trophy, and a reserved SPAM stool at the bar for the duration of the champion's reign!  As always, unmitigated frivolity rules, as contestant's dishes are shared with the crowd after judging.

The event is followed up by great live music performed by some of the most popular performers, often times who have just served as judges of this unique event.   

Contestants are judged on both taste and presentation, and rules have been evolving over the years, so check back on specifics as we approach the event each year, but remember bribery, blackmail, and underhanded shenanigans are the order of the day as we select each year's champion. 

Below are some photos from past events, again, remember if you would like to participate plan ahead for Superbowl Sunday, and check back here for the current year's "rules."

Photos below were primarily taken by area Photo Phenoms Chantel Burdette and Mandi Singer!