Merry Christmas and Happy Bowery Station Music Schedule Through New Year's!

posted Dec 25, 2017, 5:09 AM by Matt Gardi
Merry Christmas one and all, we hope this week's music schedule update finds you safe, warm and secure with family, friends and pets!  Below is a Reader's Digest condensed version of our music update through the end of the year.  Remember, that if you ever would like to find out who is playing the Bowery Station Stage our music calendar is available online in real-time here!


Tuesday, Dec 26 - Clayton Mathis 3-5pm, Cat Braaten and Tom Mason from 6-9pm

Wednesday, Dec 27 - Charlie Sawyer 3-5pm, Open Mic 6-8ish

Thursday, Dec 28 - LD Hatfield 3-5pm, Turkey Basters from 6-9pm

Friday, Dec 29 - Savanna Leigh Bassett 3-5pm, Six String South 6:30-9:30pm.

Saturday, Dec 30 - Sticky Too 3-5pm, Hightest 6:30-9:30pm.  (Also, Come join us for Abby Iggy's "Goin' Away" party during the Hightest show as she departs for Nashville!)

Sunday, Dec 31 - HAPPY NEW YEARS! Sarah Moranville 3-6pm, Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Doggs 8-12:05!

That's it for now, once again Merry Christmas and may your New Year be filled with joy, prosperity, live music, and heaps of BS!

Your Friends at Apalachicola's Home of Live Music,   Bowery Station.