Bowery Station's Thousand ($1,000.00) Dolla Gig Contest! Play a gig June 18th for $1000!!

posted Mar 11, 2016, 9:40 AM by Matt Gardi
Ok, folks and fans, pots and pans!  This is it!  Put your talent where your horse is, or sumptin' like that.   Bowery Station is pleased to announce what we are calling our Thousand Dollar Gig Contest.  Here is the dilly...

We are awarding a Saturday Night gig to one lucky performer, on ...yeah you guessed it, a Saturday Night, June 18 from 6 - 9:30pm.   Here is how it's gonna work.

First, you need to write a song about Bowery Station.  Now many of you already have, and we greatly appreciate that.  Some of you have already captured the essence of BS and put it to verse.  But we are looking for one more step.  We are asking all those interested participants to not only write a song about the true meaning of Bowery Station, but to then make a video that portrays the feeling of their composition.

It could be a slideshow of photos, or a true video of  scenery, or even a cartoon, but we are asking for you to put your song to life in the form of a YouTube video.  Then, when your work is complete, we ask that you share the link with us, and the public, so that we then may have the world vote on which video is the best at portraying what BS is all about.  When we say the best, we mean the best lyrics, the best performance, the best at capturing the true essence of what Bowery Station is all about.  So that would suggest that the audio does not need to be outstanding, nor does the video quality, it means you.....get it.  Nothing is perfect, everything is unique, and my friends, it is truly about the joy of life.   It means you get BS, and you get what we are trying to accomplish in our humble little venue.  So, if you are thinking you need a professional level audio recording, or impeccable videography, then, actually you don't get it.  

So, to that end, get on it.

Here is our timeline.  All song videos must be composed and complete by April 30th.  A link to such video must be provided to Bowery Station via email ( by midnight April 30.  (Pretty much the end of Chickfest 2016)  At which point, on MAY 1st, all videos submitted will be embedded on a webpage at  On that website will appear a form for viewers to vote for their favorite video.  The page, form, and videos on the page will not be made public until May 1st, at which time public voting will commence.  The submission that receives the most votes by midnight May 31st through submission of the online form on our website will win.

Well, what the hell do we win buddy?!?!?!  You will win a Saturday Night gig at Bowery Station on June 18th from 6-9:30pm.  Not only that, instead of the normal compensation of peanuts, you will be paid ONE THOUSDAND DOLLARS! $1000.00!!   Yeah, now that's BS!

So, let's nutshell it.  Write a song.  Make a YouTube.  Send us the link via email by April 30th at midnight.  Get the most votes on our website form (By May 31st) that will go live on May 1st, or there abouts. (Hey kids, we will try, but honestly we might be drinking some OCBC and livin' large that night.)  The winner gets to come on out on Saturday, June 18th from 6-9:30pm, and dance, shout, sing, and play a gig for $1000.00.  Open to all ages, races, genders, species, bald guys, cave dwellers, really bad harmonica players, not so bad harmonica players, wall street executives with remorse or whom promise to jump, and three toed leprechauns. 

Legal Mumbo Jumbo:  All whiners are immediately excluded.  Void where prohibited by law or by jackwagon politicians and neardowell government officials.  Excessive emails about rules or details will result in immediate disqualification.    Bowery Station will, to the best of their ability, abide by the aforementioned terms, except in the case of extreme losers, in which case we reserve the right to suggest you go stuff it.  BS is just trying to have a fun competition that develops creative composition, if any entity, party or individual attempts to poop on the effort you will be met with harsh sarcastic rebuttal and a smelly shoe delivered in a box to your door.  Lawyers, or people that feel like acting like lawyers.....or anyone that even mentions law or legal stuff... will get two smelly shoes that don't match, and a small helping of beagle doopy delivered to their midnight.