Bowery Station Music Schedule (Sept 13 - 17)

posted Sep 11, 2017, 11:05 AM by Matt Gardi
Hopefully this update finds everyone safe and dry after all the challenges of the past week.  Fear not, Bowery Station will be unpacking and unwrapping and will be ready to become a retreat that lets you escape all that ales you once again.

Here is what we have lined up for the coming week.....quite number of new faces in the lineup so check it out....

Wednesday, Sept 13 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi is on from 6 - 8ish.  All levels of talent are welcomed and appreciated, the only requirement is to bring a smile.  All Open Mic performer tips during September are going to contribute to the shindig the Estuary is putting on Sept 30.

Thursday, Sept 14 - BS is pleased to welcome the debut of Brown Goose as an acoustic three piece from 6-8:30pm.  This top level talent is part of our continued effort to make Thursdays the New Friday!  When Mike and Barry get together for an acoustic jam they create an indie vibe that is one of a kind. We gots the feelin this will be one of those shows they will be talking about for a few days.

Friday, Sept 15 - It's Bowery Station's "Halfway to Saint Paddy's Day" celebration.... and who better to get you in the Irish mood than Celtic on the Halfshell from 6-9pm.  Carol, Randy, Charles and Charlie always light up our St. Paddy's Day with the Irish ditties... and we are excited to have them back to celebrate being Halfway to our next St. Paddy's.  The show they put on is such fun, we couldn't wait all the way till next year.  It's halfway with Halfshell on a festive Friday!

Saturday, Sept 16 - Debut Alerts!!  First, the day starts off with David Hayes from 3-5pm.  If you like acoustic trop rock, you are gonna love the show David puts on.  Then, Bowery Station is proud to welcome the Patrick Road Band to our stage from 6:30-9:30pm.  Another group out of the Valdosta music scene, these folks put on a show of blues based rock band that mixes in some great originals.  This is a day meant for serving up some fresh musicians, like BS loves to do.

Sunday, Sept 17 - Another Debut?  Yup, you got that right.  We love getting fresh faces and fresh sounds to the BS and Keith Rea is ready to put on a show from 6-8:30 this Sunday evening.  Keith has been a featured performer at countless festivals including the Johnson City Folk Festival and brings a wealth of experience to the stage as well as a variety of styles and genres. From love songs to train songs, Keith’s lyrics conjure stories of people, places, and situations that feel both familiar and yet somehow fresh. His instrumental styling’s cover the landscape from finger picked ballads to raucous twelve bar blues.  Now how is that for a Sunday...

Bowery Station is ready to roll into the fall with new acts, house favorites, and smilin' faces!  Come on out and get yourselves a nice fresh heapin' pile of BS served up tall!