Bowery Station Music Schedule (Oct 27 - 28)

posted Oct 22, 2018, 7:16 AM by Matt Gardi
Alrighty kids, we see a light at the end of the tunnel, and have removed the vast majority of mud from Bowery Station.  We are thankful for the outpouring of support we have received from so many folks, both locally and from throughout the nation.  So many of you kind folks have given us your time, helped us with cash flow by purchasing some of our distressed riverwashed tee shirts and provided us with straight out overly generous donations.   There are far too many to thank, but please know that with your assistance we are well on our way to recovery.  With the main cleanup done, we now turn our attention to the micro jobs such as diagnosing cooler repair/and or replacement, etc.  Please know that those of you who have donated financially to our cause that your funds will be devoted specifically to any cooler work that is needed....which means you have done something very important... and that is to help keep beer cold!!!!

We managed to removed the majority of our sound system before the storm and store it safely off site, so aside from small items like stands, cables etc, we should be able to get the music pumping once again... and to that end..... 

Saturday, Oct 27 6:30-9:30PM  - Southern Flood has offered to rock a free gig to help pry the door back open at Bowery Station and we of course said...Hell Yah! These local legends, all of whom are recovering from Hurricane Michael, (Some more than others as Steve Burke lost his house) want to rock Apalachicola like never before. So to that end, we could see no better way to try and get the wheels back on the live music bandwagon, than with Ellis, Charles, Steve... and new lead front man Steve Litherland hitting the BS stage. While we had saved most of our sound system off site, many of you have witnessed the muddy carnage that wrecked our coolers and inventory. That being said, we will match Southern Flood's generosity to Bowery Station and Apalachicola with $1 riverwashed beers and wines all weekend long! But please be patient as we are jerry-rigging a lot of systems to offer what we have available at the icy cold temperatures and quick service you've become accustomed to. Thank you Southern Flood...let's light it up Saturday night in Apalach with the good kind of Flood we all love!! 

Sunday, Oct 28 - More storm stories.  Slim Fatz was scheduled to play from 3-5pm.  We have only heard through the grapevine that he is OK, but have not heard directly from him.  Regardless, we hold the stage open for Slim's afternoon slot, and hope he will be able to grace our stage from 3-5pm.  Then, for the evening slot of which we have confirmed... Sticky Too will be jamming from 5-8pm!  Tim and Jay just dominated with a great show at ApalachOktoberfest, and are coming back to do it again.  Both these guys are from Panama City Beach and are excited to make the trek through storm ravaged points west to assist Apalachicola with our rejuvenation and revitalization efforts.

Thanks again to so, so many of you, we are blessed to have such generous folks whom have our back, and support our efforts to bring the best in live music to Apalachicola!!