Bowery Station Music Schedule (Nov 21 - 24)

posted Nov 19, 2018, 6:37 AM by Matt Gardi
Winter is upon us here on the Gulf Coast, but fortunately we here at the live music factory in Apalachicola have some piping hot music coming off the production line...

So here is what we have in store for a nice holiday week...

Wednesday, Nov 21 - BS Open Mic rolls from 6-8ish. Matt Gardi hosts and may kick things off early to get in the mood for a great evening, then the real talent...YOU...hits the stage. Come on out and have some fun, sing a song... but simply bring out a smile to the stage and join in the commotion! As you know, tips for performers at BS Open Mic always go to a charity, and this week, and for the remainder of the year we will be helping out our friends at the SGI Cat Allies...going to help humanely reduce the feral cat population both on SGI and in Apalachicola by spaying and neutering feral cats!

Thursday, Nov 22 - Closed to give thanks!  Here is to a Happy Turkey day for one and all!

Friday, Nov 23 - This will be a fun day to get out and burn off the tryptophan. We start things off with the combo of Cat Braaten and Josh Watson from 3-6pm.  Both of these performers are great soloists, but they have been teaming up for a great duo lately and we are psyched to get these guys out for an afternoon to kick off a big weekend.  So if you're out shopping, maybe grabbing gifts at Riverside Merchantile, add some beer and music to your day's travels at Bowery Station.   Then, we welcome the Bo Spring Band to the stage from 7-10 for what will be sure to be a barn burner of a night.  So many folks are looking forward to a cut loose and put the storm, the cold weather, the very cold weather, and the blistering cold weather behind us....  so things will be smoking hot, as Bo, Lauren, Randon, and Tim put on one of their facemelting live music experiences as only they can.  Get in early for a seat.... the Bo Peeps will be out in force!

Saturday, Nov 24 - Bowery Station has a great line up for this particular day, as we wrap up the fall season, and slide into our short winter hibernation.  Sarah Moranville starts things off for us with a show from 3-5:30pm.   Sarah, one of the stars of Chickfest 2018 shares her unique vocals along with her attention grabbing guitar style.  With a set list that pleases almost every live music enthusiast, Sarah is a house and Apalach favorite for a reason and will create a great setting on a fall afternoon.  Then, what better way to wrap up the season than with what is sure to be a fun, crowd pleasing evening with the TurkeyBasters as Melissa Bowman and Tim Dutrow put on a show from 6:30-9:30pm.  These two are born performers, as Melissa can stand tall with her powerful and dynamic style mixing unparalleled vocals with masterful guitar...then add to that Tim Dutrow, arguably one of the finest percussionists on the Gulf Coast, who plays with a touch and zeal that hooks the audience... you can count on the fact that it will surely be a night to be remembered. 

Then, as many of you know, Bowery Station takes a short winter break to visit family, make some enhancements, and this another cleaning sweep to repair from the ravages of Hurricane Michael...but be prepared.  We will be back with a revitalized energy on December 19th, geared up and refreshed for our winter season with added shows and top line performers.  

The road goes on forever and the party never ends....