Bowery Station Music Schedule (Nov 20 - 24)

posted Nov 17, 2019, 1:16 PM by Matt Gardi
It is with heavy heart that we must report the passing of a member of our BS family, as Barbie "Spambie" Everett passed away after a hard fought battle with cancer.  The two time SPAM queen was a ray of sunshine every time she stepped through the door, and taught us all how to enjoy life just a little bit more.  She was a tremendous supporter of so many of our musicians and she will be greatly missed.  I am sure she would want us all to continue on in her spirit and enjoy every day....and the live music!

What live music love do we have lined up for you this week.....well....

Wednesday, Nov 20 - BS Open Mic rolls at 6pm, and we are excited to already have some of our northern half timers returning, and can't wait to see them back on stage.  As many of you know, tips for performers during open mic always go towards a charity, and during the month of November we will be raising money for Patrons of Apalachicola Library Society, Inc. (PALS)!   PALS primary purpose is to assist the Apalachicola Margaret Key Library in promoting literacy to all ages and improving the library's resources.  The funds will stay local, and go towards books, supplies and children's programs... so come on out and get on stage for a great local cause!

Thursday, Nov 21 - Dylan "Ragpicker" Allen hits us up for a show from 6-9pm.  This young talent can, and will do it all.  As a soloist, he is one of the few that can fill the shoes of a full band with his energy, incredible guitar skills and wide ranging set list that can fit any generation and please any crowd.  Dylan always surprises with his contagious energy, and hardly anyone can stop themselves from tapping their feet or getting up and dancing!  Dylan has an incredible vocal range and always finds a way to work percussion into his shows in a one man band show that will surely rock Bowery Station!

Friday, Nov 22 - Bill Pandolfi and Wayne Britt come into town for one of their signature duo performances from 7-10pm.  Bill and Wayne can cover just about any genre, and both can make their guitars sing as they love getting on stage and sharing their talents.  These two guys have played guitar together since they were kids, and it shows in the way they perform as a duo!

Saturday, Nov 23 - National touring singer/songwriter Eric Barnett makes his debut on the Bowery Station stage with an afternoon show from 3-5:30pm.  Eric writes songs about the working class, trees, birds, roads, loved ones here and gone, and a time that is slipping away. His music hints at his influences: Tom Waits, Neil Young, Randy Newman, Tom Petty, Lennon/McCartney, Jim Croce, Warren Zevon - and yet the style is still his own.  Then, Well Worn Soles return to Bowery Station with an evening performance from 6:30-10pm.  It's been a while since these kids have made it back up this way and we are very excited to have Chelsea and Emerson, two fine folks that have been with BS from just about the beginning, come share their folk and americana with us here in Apalachicola.  With incredible harmonies, fiddle and guitar, Well Worn Soles keep an audience tuned in, creating the performer centric environment that we built our venue around!

Sunday, Nov 24 - Belmont and Jones join us for a show from 4-6pm.  Belmont and Jones perform the pre-electric blues songbook with the integrity, frankness, brilliance, and humor with which it was performed by the great musicians who wrote and sang it. The authenticity of their work is in part due to Jones’ vocal chops, which rival those of the great vocalists whose hits she recreates. She would be an outstanding vocalist in any genre, and we thank her for putting her fine instrument to the service of preserving and transmitting this seminal moment in American music. Belmont sings it right too, but it is his National guitar, at times sounding eerily like it was recorded in 1926, that is the perfect compliment to their living museum.  Then David Evans brings his old times blues from Memphis out for a debut show from 6-8pm.  Dr. David Evans is one of the most important contemporary blues musicologists and academics, the author of the seminal traditional folk blues history “Big Road Blues- Tradition and Creativity in the Folk Blues.” Among his many honors, he is a recipient of the Fulbright award. He holds degrees from Harvard and the University of California, Los Angeles, and is the author of “The NPR Curious Listener’s Guide to the Blues” and many other publications. He has produced more than 50 albums of field and studio recordings for the University of Memphis’ High Water Records. His resume far exceeds the scope of this website, but suffice it to say that Dr. Evans knows a thing or two about the blues.

Thanks again to all of you that come on out to the shows and support our live music scene here at Bowery Station, without you it could not be possible.  Don't forget that at the turn of the year, the new High Five Dive Bar will be taking over the digs, coming in with some new energy and new crew, but like we say ...  "Same Vibe... New Tribe!"  We look forward to the future with an incoming crew of creative folks with additional energy and enthusiasm... because the show must go on!!