Bowery Station Music Schedule (Nov 16 - 20)

posted Nov 14, 2016, 8:02 AM by Matt Gardi
Someone once told us that things get cold and slow in Apalach after Seafood Festival....

Well not at Bowery Station, the lineup this week is hot and hoppin'!

Wednesday, Nov 16 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi is on from 6-8ish and is only getting better as we keep the stage full of local and visiting talent.  Rumor has it that Cypress Trio will be joining us for a few songs this week.  Come on out and get on stage!

Thursday, Nov 17 - Bo Spring Band.....(Huh, what?!?!?) Yup!  Bo Spring Band is playing a Thursday night in Apalach from 6-9pm.  So put on your dancing boots and get on out for an early start to your weekend.  We did say we aren't letting things slow down in town!

Friday, Nov 18 - The Rachel Hillman Band is on from 6-9pm!  This crew of locked and loaded talent is anxious to get back on the Bowery Station stage, and we are anxious to have them back.  What better way to shake off the cold November chill!

Saturday, Nov 19 - The Chris Skene Band will be rocking the house from 6-9pm.  We've enjoyed Chris as a solo act, but when he brings out the full band it is sure to be an evening to be remembered.  With a depth of music that is sure to please any generation, these young performers put on a show!

Sunday, Nov 20 - Dylan "Ragpicker" Allen returns for a high energy solo performance from 3-5pm, followed up by Dothan's Dave Dale from 6-8:30pm.  There is no rest for the weary even on Sunday's at Bowery Station.

Going into the slow season!?!?!?  Bah Humbug!  We'll have none of it.

Come on out and enjoy some of the best variety of talent on the Gulf Coast at Bowery Station....the in the Bowery!