Bowery Station Music Schedule (May 1st - 7th)

posted Apr 28, 2016, 7:17 AM by Matt Gardi
Yes, you are amazed, dazzled, impressed.  The music update actually came out on time this week.

Here is what is going on next week at Bowery Station, home of live music 7 days a week in Apalach!

Sunday, May 1st - Debut Alert!  Mike VanDusen of Dothan joins us for Sunday Matinee Music from 2-6pm.  We've enjoyed some great artists out of Dothan and we expect the same from Mike's show!

Monday, May 2nd - Apalachicola's Charlie Sawyer is back on stage at BS from 6-8pm.  

Tuesday, Mat 3rd - Brian Bowen brings his salty americana to the Bowery Stage from 6-8pm.

Wednesday, May 4th - Open Mic hosted by James Frost rolls from 6-8pm, followed up by Open Jam from 8-9pm.

Thursday, May 5th - Debut Alert!  Tallahassee's Jimi McKenzie joins us at Bowery Station from 6-8pm.  Come enjoy this long time Tally talent perform his first gig at BS.

Friday, May 6th - The Forgotten Coast Band returns for a Friday from 6-9:30pm.  We've enjoyed this hard hitting blues and rock band on a weeknight with young talent Tristan Shiver, now we get to enjoy them as they cut lose to open up the weekend.  

Saturday, May 7th - It's MAD!  Music All Day!  Singer Songwriter Tim Buppert was gracious enough to join us from 2-5pm, followed up by Six String South from 6-9:30pm.  Tim will be sure to impress as he has been a featured artist at Blast on the Bay Songwriter's fest for the last 6 years.  Six String South will give y'all a good helping of Southern Rock, Country and Blues for a fun filled Saturday night!

Looking ahead to Sunday, May 8th....Melissa Bowman is on deck for Sunday Matinee Music from 2-6pm.

Now that's BS!