Bowery Station Music Schedule (March 28 - April 1)

posted Mar 25, 2018, 12:43 PM by Matt Gardi
Well, we can be pretty confident the cold is behind us, as the doors to Bowery Station are wide open these days, and a light spring breeze has been melding with the fresh variety of live music wafting through the air...

So who is on deck as we glide into April....

Wednesday, March 28 - Paul Boyle returns for an afternoon show from 3-5pm.  Paul plays some great acoustic americana and rock that has everyone singing along.  Then, BS Open Mic rolls from 6-8ish.  This weekly event has been a mainstay in local entertainment for years, and has fostered the development of numerous performers as they gain their confidence and stage presence.  All levels of talent are welcomed and appreciated.  Get in early for a seat as the last few weeks have been packed houses!!!  As always, tips for performers from BS Open Mic go to charity, and this week we will be raising money for the Franklin County Humane Society.  So come on out and belt out a tune or two for a great cause and great fun.

Thursday, March 29 - Common Taters return for one of their relaxed groove performances from 6-8:30 as we continue to make Thursdays the new Fridays at Bowery Station.  Mike and Jan always bring a few turnips along for the ride, as they take us through a set list from Dead to Zydeco and beyond.  Common Taters always make the night fun as they share their joy of performing.

Friday, March 30 - DEBUT ALERT!  Luke Wilmoth starts off the day from 3-5:30 as he joins us for his first show at BS!  Luke, a recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award is a talented musician that puts on a rock/alternative show with a touch of pop and funk to boot.  Then, welcome the return of the Highbeams from 7-10pm.  The Highbeams have quickly grown to be a favored act in this neck of the woods as this trio of male vocalists put on a mostly original show with great vocal harmonies.  Quickly gaining notoriety in the southeast, the Highbeams draw a crowd and keep them throughout the evening...deservedly so.

Saturday, March 31 - This will prove to be a day of local favorites as Clayton Mathis joins us from 3-5pm.  Mathis, brewmaster at OCBC, also has developed into a solid performer with a show of americana, a touch of country, and originals that include the popular "Chesapeake Girl!"  Mathis puts on a light hearted performance that makes the crowd feel like they are sitting in his living room.  Then, back from their recent tour of Memphis, the Bo Spring Band hits the stage from 6:30-9:30pm.  Bo, joined in force by his wife Lauren of Kricket fame, percussionist Tim Dutrow (arguably one of the finest on the Gulf Coast) and hand model Randon Hicks on the stand up fiddle, never let the crowd down as they put on a vocal based show of great originals and your favorite covers.  Few stay in their seats once these folks get on a roll!

Sunday, April 1 - Zac Brown joins forces with Jimmy Buffett for an all day performance as they debut on the BS stage!  Brown and Buffett have been trying for years to get on the Bowery Station schedule, so they should be set to put on a show like never before.

Ok....yes, that is an April Fool's joke... speaking of...

Gill Autrey will start the day off with a show of spoken word stories as no other can present from 2:30-3:15pm.  Gill, usually joining us on the Spanish Guitar for a quick classical performance, is recovering from hand surgery so will evolve his performance into sharing some short stories with us.  Those of us that know of Gill's storytelling skills will be looking forward to this show.  Then, following Gill on our First Sunday event will be Randy Mims as he takes us on a tour of a touch of classical on flute and recorder, but lays out some of the best 60's and 70s classic on his 6 and 12 string guitars from 3:30-5:30.  Then, First Sunday mainstay Slim Fatz lays down his unique style of blues from 5:30-7:30pm.  Few have developed such a following and style as Slim, so come on out and enjoy this cherished artist for a great First Sunday at Bowery Station.

We again would like to extend our gratitude to all of you, and thank you for your support of our efforts to bring a wide variety of music and performers to our area.  Without your continued support this wouldn't be possible.  On our behalf and the behalf of the musicians that grace our stage, thanks for coming to the show!!