Bowery Station Music Schedule (March 13 - 17)

posted Mar 11, 2019, 8:11 AM by Matt Gardi
We are exceptionally excited this week, as it culminates with one of our favorite celebrations of the year... a fine Italian holiday.... St. Patrick's Day!!  Yes, yes, yes, I am well aware that some Irish blokes have claimed San Patricio as their own... but hey... if it's all about beer and music... who can complain?

Here's the weekly smorgasbord of live music goodness.

Tuesday, March 12 - Huh? TUESDAY?  What up, Bowery Station is usually closed on Tuesdays?  Well, and it is true this week as well, but....BUT... yours truly, Matt Gardi, has the distinct pleasure to open for Sam and Dave AT PADDY'S Raw Bar on SGI.  That's right, Sam and Dave are ready to put on their off off off really far off Broadway production of Nowhere to Nowhere featuring the Melody Lane Dance Troop at Paddy's starting at 7:30pm, but Matt Gardi will have the distinct pleasure and honor to open for them from 5:30-7:30pm when the production starts!  So come on out to Paddys this Tuesday for an event you will be sure to remember in soooo many ways!

Wednesday, March 13 -  Matt Gardi hosts as BS Open Mic rolls from 6-8ish.  As always tips for our Open Mic performers go to support local charities, this week we are raising funds for the Franklin County Humane Society, helping our little furry friends out.  This of course is in anticipation of the SGI Brew Fest in April which is becoming a fantastic event that benefits the Humane Society as well.

Thursday, March 14 -  Rick Ott returns for an afternoon show from 3-5:30pm.  Rick loves to masterfully play all the old classics you know and love, and is a musician that loves to share his joy of performing with the crowd as few can play an electric as a soloist with such a great feel. Then, as we continue to make Thursdays the New Fridays...Boo Radley joins us for a show from 6-9pm!  One of the finest duos to play the Southeast, Patty and Michael combine their voices for intense harmonies accompanied by Michael's incredible guitar arrangements for a performance of new 850 Americana.  A primarily original show that fans have come to love, this will make for a fantastic Thursday evening for any original live music enthusiast!

Friday, March 15 - Real Rob returns to Bowery Station for a daytime performance from 3:30-6pm.  Rob is a Jazz, Blues and Folk musician currently based out of New Orleans and we are pleased to have found a spot for him on his travels through this area of the panhandle again.  Then, the boys of Southern Flood come out to rock your Friday night from 7-10pm.  If you like those rock classics from the 60s, 70s and 80s you will always love the show that Southern Flood puts on.  Bring your dancing flip flops!

Saturday, March 16 - Savanna Leigh Bassett comes on in from Jacksonville for one of her signature performances from 3-5:30pm.  Savanna is an exceptionally dynamic female artist, centering on Country and contemporary rock, along with her ear catching originals.  Savanna commands attention with her powerful vocals and well played guitar.  Then, going into the evening... please make sure you have your safety belts fastened... as the Bo Spring Band returns to the Bowery Station from 6:30-10pm.  There are few better matches than Bo Spring and Bowery Station... a venue built for this powerhouse band of talent.  Get in early if you want a seat, but you won't be in it long as these Gulf Coast superstars will have you out of your seats with their set list of well loved originals and your favorite classic covers!

Sunday, March 17 - Well well well.  So it's Sunday...and it's St. Patrick's day, a fine celebration of a great Italian Saint.  We are so glad the Irish have chosen to celebrate this day with we Paisanos... that we have some great Irish music lined up for you.  First, soloist Rick Finneran starts off around 3pm, but if he starts earlier it is only because he wants to start drinking, and we have no problem with that.  Then, as tradition will have it, we welcome Celtic on the Halfshell from 5-8pm.  This quartet of Carol Harris, Randy Mims, Charles Elliott and Charley Sawyer have been with us on St. Patrick's day since our inception, and it is a blessing to have this array of top talent join us for s day of fun and festivities in honor of a great, great, great.... ITALIAN SAINT!

Come on out for a great week, it's going to be fun, and as always we extend our gratitude to those of you whom chose to support Bowery Station and our efforts to bring the best live music to Apalachicola!