Bowery Station Music Schedule (Mar 6 - 12)

posted Mar 4, 2016, 9:08 AM by Matt Gardi   [ updated Mar 4, 2016, 9:33 AM ]
OK, so one date late on the music schedule update....reminds me of the comment the crazy nuns used to send home to ma...."Still needs improvement!"

Regardless, here is the live music dilly at BS for the upcoming week....and yes, we're sticking with the readers digest condensed version format for these update.  (Please see note from Sister Mary Margaret above!)

Sunday, March 6th - Rick Ott is joining us for Sunday Matinee Music from 2-6pm.  

Monday, March 7th - Brian Bowen kicks off his "Month of Mondays" from 6-8pm.

Tuesday, March 8th - Debut alert!  Holly Riley and Mark Dillon take the stage from 6-8pm.

Wednesday, March 9th - Open Mic hosted by James Frost runs from 6-8pm, followed up by Open Jam from 8-9pm.

Thursday, March 10th - Less Americans are in the house from 6-8pm.

Friday, March 11th - A nudder Debut Alert! Pell Avenue, featuring Robbie Sellers joins us for a fun Friday from 6-9:30pm.  Robbie has been a great soloist at BS, and we are excited about him bringing his band!

Saturday, March 12th - Salute!  It's the 3rd Annual Italian Celebration of St. Patrick!  Join us for this all day festival honoring our great Italian Saint Patricio!!
Melissa Bowman kicks off the live music from 2 - 5:30.  Melissa is followed up by Matt Law and Ron Merritt (AKA - Turtlefoot "lite") from 6-9:30pm. Italian sauages and other treats and delights will be provided in conjunction with Tapas to benefit Project DC, in an effort to raise some funds for kids in the local science and technology program to fund a trip to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.  

Looking ahead, Sunday, March 15th, Adam Parker for Matinee Music from 2-6pm.

Ciao bello!