Bowery Station Music Schedule (June 26 - 29)

posted Jun 24, 2019, 7:41 AM by Matt Gardi
We at the Bowery Station live music emporium and hi-fidelity kitchen of performer centric shows are pleased and excited about this final week of June's line up.  Chalked filled with some of your old time favorites, mixed in with some up and coming acts....

Here we go....

Wednesday, June 26 - We start the week off with the return of Brad Foutch from 7-10pm.  Brad is an extraordinary performer that can light up a stage with his amazingly energetic guitar and heartfelt vocals.  Clearly one of the more talented guitarists in the region, Brad has his own unique style and stage presence as a soloist, and can range his set list to cater to any crowd, all while pushing a high level of energy into every song.  

Thursday, June 27 - The Common Taters return to the Bowery Station with a show from 7-10pm!  These folks have graced the stage since almost the beginning, and always mix it up with a few talented turn-ups for a show that ranges from the dead, to zydeco, to good old americana.  We look forward to seeing their smiling faces take the BS stage once again for an evening with a laid back vibe of top talent!

Friday, June 28 - Fasten your seatbelts as The Ruckus hits the BS stage to raise a little Cain from 7-10pm.  This compilation of Lawrence Bertoli, Matt Law, Steve Henley, Woody Jenkins and Ted Cobena, some of who have made their own name on the BS stage in many forms, are ready willing and able to rock out a Friday in Apalach as they make it known that The Ruckus brings a show of no holds barred good times rockin' from some 60s classics and on through some fun originals....don't say we didn't warn you, this Friday night is going to be a barn burner of a good time!

Saturday, June 29 - The day starts off with rising star George Maddox putting on a show from 3-6pm.  George, bringing his laid back coastal americana style to the stage with a set list of compelling originals and some of your favorite covers, can please any and all generations with his salty shows.  Then, get ready for another lights out performance from none other than the Turkeybasters from 6:30-10pm!  This duo of Melissa Bowman on lead vocals and guitar, matched up with percussionists Tim Dutrow always outdo themselves at every performance.  Legendary on the Forgotten Coast at this point, it is a well know fact to get in early to get a seat... but a seat that is hard to stay in as this power duo lights it up.  What a great way to wrap up a week and a month with what will be sure to be another memorable performance of the Turkeybasters on a Saturday night!

See ya at the shows!  Once again, thank you to all you live music lovers that come in and support the scene at Bowery Station, as without you we could not continue to bring to you the best live music around!