Bowery Station Music Schedule (July 11 - 14)

posted Jul 8, 2018, 7:06 AM by Matt Gardi
This week features a great mix of favorites along with some new acts, and new compilations and variations on some of your Bowery Station... your home for great live music in Apalachicola!

And it kicks off with a fun one...

Wednesday, July 11 - Open Mic rolls from 6-8ish.  As most of you know, our Open Mic makes for a fun evening of a variety of talent giving their all on stage.  And as many of you know, the tips for the performers on stage always go to a charity.  So at the last Open Mic, we decided to have the tips go to the victims of the Eastpoint fire, and will continue to do so through the month of July Open Mics.  Then, Dave Cerrato gets on stage and says that he and his wife Christy will match all the tips generated at Open Mic through the entire month.  Well, we were pleased to announce that that week alone generated $455!!  Thanks to all the musicians and customers that made for such a great night, and many thanks to the Cerratos, whose generous offer stands for the next few coming weeks!!  So let's make it a good few weeks, come on out and play your hearts out.

Thursday, July 12 - Debut Alert!  We are pleased to welcome Few Miles South for a show from 6-9pm!  Few Miles South is an indie country and southern rock band currently based in Georgia and brings their own unique sound into Apalachicola as we continue to make Thursdays the New Fridays.  This male/female duo offers complimentary vocals that are accented through their well written originals.  This will be one that they will be talking about around the beer cooler in the morning....  

Friday, July 13 - McCall Chapin returns to the stage for an afternoon show from 4-6pm.  This young talent opened up Chickfest 2018, and for a reason.  She is a bright star in the high level of talent in Tallahassee, who not only has an impressive voice, but can be noted for her well written songs as well. Then, house and Apalachicola favorites, the TurkeyBasters bring on one of their signature performances from 7-10pm.  Melissa Bowman and Tim Dutrow always put on a fun, energetic show usually reserved for bigger daytime events in Apalachicola.  But now, we present this dynamic duo on a Friday night, so expect a full house of rabble rousers singing along to the TurkeyBasters!!

Saturday, July 14 - This defines a fun day of mashups of some known, and some newbies!  First, rising star Clayton Mathis hits the stage with friend Eric Mason for an afternoon show from 3-5:30pm.  While similar, each of these guys have their own unique style, that compliment their shows.  Along with a range of covers from country, to folk, to rock, these guys each have composed some great originals that the crowd calls out for.  This will be a great way to lead into our evening show....ladies and gents... fasten your seatbelts as The Ruckus hits the BS stage to raise a little Cain from 6:30-9:30pm.  This compilation of Lawrence Bertoli, Matt Law, Steve Henley, Woody Jenkins and Ted Cobena, some of who have made their own name on the BS stage in many forms, are ready willing and able to rock out a Saturday in Apalach as they make a new name known... The Ruckus, no holds barred good times rockin' from some 60s classics and on through some fun originals....don't say we didn't warn you! 

Thanks again to all the musicians that grace our stage, and thanks to you hungry live music fans that support what we are doing here in the little hamlet of Apalachicola, bringing a wide variety of talent to the stage in a casual, music appreciation environment with icy cold OCBC beer.

Also...we are so excited about this year's ApalachOktoberfest 2018... what a line up.  In conjunction with our friends at Oyster City Brewing Company, with support from 13 Mile Seafood, Sportsman's Lodge, and Oyster Radio, we are excited to present .... the likes of .... The Mulligan Brothers, The Currys, Clayton Mathis, Shaw Davis and the Black Ties, Boo Radley, Sticky Too, The Bo Spring Band, Matt Law & the Usual Suspects, Johnny Barbato, The TurkeyBasters, and Ten Pound Pancake!  Stay tuned into for details as they develop!  Tickets are ...well... freakin' FREE!  Come one, come all!  But plan ahead now....

Carry on!  Photo Credit: Chantel Burdette