Bowery Station Music Schedule (July 10 - 13)

posted Jul 8, 2019, 8:08 AM by Matt Gardi
OK, you live music lovin' groupies...we got some great talent slaving over a hot microphone on stage at Bowery Station coming your way as this is a week of all time familiar favorites from start to finish!

Wednesday, July 10 - The now legendary local great Clayton Mathis is ready to put on one of his signature performances from 7-10pm.  Clayton lays down a set list so varied, but with his own style that is entirely enjoyable by any audience.  From old country, to americana, to gospel, to a bit of acoustic rap, Mathis also mixes in some thought provoking originals all wrapped up in a lighthearted irreverence.  Few can put on such a fun and talented show, that defines a performer centric environment that we all love at Bowery Station.  Mathis defines the BS vibe!

Thursday, July 11 - Come on in and get Sticky, as Sticky Too joins us for a show from 7-10pm.  Tim and Jay proudly carry their honorary Oyster Republic passports as they have melded with the community in so many ways!  These guys are arguably some of the best guitarists and vocalists to hit the stage, and play your favorites covers along with some great originals, all with superb harmony while trading licks on the six string.  The Sticky Too groupies will be out in force so get in early for a seat and get STICKY!

Friday, July 12 - The "familiar favorite" theme continues as Garnet & Soul is ready to light up a Friday night from 7-10pm!  Mary Ann Hoffman is a powerful female vocalist that throws herself into every song, while the band backs her to push a high energy show out into the crowd.  Lyndon leads the band through tight arrangements of almost every genre, and pushes a great set of keys into the mix, especially on the funk and soul tunes.  Garnet & Soul will definitely have the joint jumpin' this Friday night, so come on out and shake yer bootie!

Saturday, July 13 - Tyler James Arnold is ready to rock a Saturday afternoon from 3-6pm.  Tyler is a top talent with a developing fan base who plays a fantastic set list of new americana, southern rock, your older classics, and all with a feel and flavor of his bayou origins.  He masterfully lays down just the right amount of sampling that back his intricate heartfelt leads, and all with a passion for performing.  This dedicated guy played through last months monsoon and had his show cut short when the whole town flooded, so we are excited to get the full helping of TJA this Saturday afternoon....all with new tarps on the roof too!  Then, folks and fans... the Frank Jones Band is back to shoot out the lights on a Saturday in Apalachicola with one of their high energy shows from 6:30-10pm.  These guys rule when it comes to blues rock, as the crowd has come to love their originals as much as their covers.  Frank leads the show, but the talent behind him is top notch and accented by Clyde on harp and keys.  As we said this is a week packed with familiar favorites, so get in early as the Frank Jones Band always packs the house and makes for a night to be remembered! 

Thanks again to everyone who comes out and supports our live music scene at Bowery Station.  Without you, we would not be able to bring the incredible level of talent we all enjoy to our stage...  see you at the shows!