Bowery Station Music Schedule (Jan 31 - Feb 3)

posted Jan 30, 2019, 6:40 AM by Matt Gardi
Can you believe it has been five years since Bowery Station opened it's doors?  Neither can how fast time has flown.  But when you pack the days with such amazingly talented and exciting performers... the time seems to fly.

Check out this great week that leads into our 5th year anniversary party on Sunday which of course has always included SPAM Cook-Off, one of the most exciting events of the year at Bowery Station!

Wednesday, Jan 30 -  Matt Gardi hosts as BS Open Mic rolls from 5-7pm, followed up by a Spotlight on the Mic with up and coming band Divided House from 7-9pm!  As always tips for our Open Mic performers go to support local charities, this month we are raising funds for the Apalachicola Volunteer Fire Department in concert with the Oyster Cook-Off we all just enjoyed, so you can still come on out and support the effort for this final Open Mic of the month.

Thursday, Jan 31 - The Highbeams return to the BS stage from 6-9pm as we continue to make Thursdays the New Fridays.. Three brothers with true passion for music; Highbeams play their own brand of emotive, high-energy Folk Rock. Since forming in 2012, Highbeams has released two full length albums and performed all over the Southeast alongside national acts like Vertical Horizon, Chase Bryant, and Col Bruce Hampton, and the Krickets. Today the band continues touring behind their latest release, Everything Aside, and making the most of every opportunity to share their dream with the world. This touring act has begun to develop a great following here in our humble venue, so head in early to grab a seat for what will surely be a music appreciation room on a Thursday in Apalachicola!

Friday, Feb 1 - Tyler James Arnold comes on in for a show from 3-6pm.  Tyler brings the down home Louisiana sound to life with a well chosen set list, great leads over perfect sampling, a voice that commands attention, and tunes ranging from your favorite americana, and southern rock to contemporary gulf coast legends that will have you singing along.  Then, Wailin' Wolves return to the stage from 7-10pm.  Led by notably some of the most dynamic vocalists, Wailin' Wolves are a popular band that are known to keep people dancing all night long. The Wailin' Wolves offer a guitar led show featuring a tight rhythm section. Britt leads the vocals ranging from soul shaking raspy blues to modern alternative variations.  Get ready for a hoppin' Friday night.

Saturday, Feb 2 - Sarah Moranville steps on stage for an afternoon performance from 3-6pm.  With tremendous vocal range, Sarah's set list ranges spans the generations, and her solid guitar skills keep your feet tapping.  There is a reason Sarah is a featured artist in our Chickfest, so come enjoy a great afternoon.  Then, Bowery Station is pleased to welcome back the TurkeyBasters from 6:30-10pm!  We all need a some basting once in a while, and no one is more up to the task than Melissa Bowman and Tim Dutrow, some of the area's most talented live performers!  This duo absolutely raises the rafters every time they step on stage with their energy and talent, sharing their enthusiasm with an eager audience.  Melissa gets the crowd singing along, dancing, and cheering to her commanding vocals and powerful guitar skills, as Tim's impressive time keeps the feet tapping and the hands clappin'! 

Then, Bowery Station celebrates it's 5th Anniversary, as we host SPAM Cook-Off 2019 on Sunday, Feb 3rd!

Bring you best SPAM concoction and give a great presentation and you just might become the 2019 SPAM Champion!  The winner gets the privilege of wearing the coveted Blue SPAM jacket while on site and earns a reserved stool at the bar for 2019!  They also get their name emblazoned on the famed dust covered SPAM trophy, and a bar tab for two for the remainder of the day.  This year's Judges are musicians Brian Bowen, Eric Pfuefer, Clayton Mathis, and Melissa Bowman along with two time SPAM Champion Spambie Everett!!  Contestants will be weighted on four categories equally by each Judge... Taste, Oral Presentation,Visual Appearance of Food, and the percentage of SPAM included in your dish.  Contestants must provide each of the five judges with one, and only one, small bite or sample that you feel bests represents the taste of your recipe.  Prizes will be awarded for first and second runner up, boobie, and of course SPAM Champion 2019.   Warmers will be available, as well as small heating devices such as microwaves and toaster ovens.  Contestants can begin signups at 1pm, at 2pm they will be randomly divided into heats of 3 and then the judging begins!  This is a fun based event filled with bribery and debauchery, so plan accordingly! 

After the awards ceremony, our slate of musicians plan to put on a mixed up jam session of biblical proportions to last well into the evening.  This will once again will be an event to remember, so sharpen up those recipes and get your SPAM on!

Then it's on to our sixth year of the best live music!

For more detail on SPAM Judging see below!
With just a little under a week to go, SPAM contestants are eagerly testing and preparing their dishes for SPAM Cook-Off 2019 on Feb 3rd. To that end, we have had many questions about the specifics of the competition, as this year the Judging has changed just a tiny bit.

Contestants will be weighted on four categories equally by each of the five Judges... Taste, Oral Presentation,Visual Appearance of Food, and the percentage of SPAM included in your dish.

Contestants must provide each of the five judges with one, and only one, small bite or sample that you feel bests represents the taste of your recipe. For instance, do not provide five dishes, each with a burger, fries, and salad to each judge. Rather cut up one burger into five pieces. Remember the Judges may be sampling over 30 entrants.

Let's look at each category of judging.

Taste: Pretty self explanatory ... how good does the sample you provide to the judge taste.

Oral Presentation: Each contestant will be provided up to 5 minutes to explain what inspired their dish, how they prepared it, and what is in it.

Visual Appearance: What does your dish look like? Is it simply a bowl of chili, or is it an elaborately carved pineapple graced with an array of condiments and fried SPAM all shaped like a replica of Bowery Station?

Percentage of SPAM: In some way you should be able to illustrate how much SPAM is actually in your dish, and moreso even in the small sample that you provide to the judges. For instance, is it an all SPAM sculpture of a guitar (100%), or is it a shrimp salad with a few pieces of SPAM contained in it?