Bowery Station Music Schedule (Feb 8 - 12)

posted Feb 6, 2017, 11:11 AM by Matt Gardi
So we wrapped up our third year with a bang, as Barbie Everett won the the 3rd annual SPAM Cook-Off and rights to wear the coveted Blue SPAM Jacket while in BS.  Brian Bowen and Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Dogs knocked the lights out to wrap up Bowery Station's 3rd Anniversary shindig and wherewhatall.

So let's kick off a fourth year of BS live music right....shall we?!!!?!?!

Wednesday, Feb 8 - Brian Bowen continues his salty seasonal tour of Wednesdays from 3-5pm, then it's Open Mic hosted by Adriane Elliott, the hostess with charm and wit slaving over a hot mixing board from 6-8ish.  It's only been getting better as so many talented musicians come out to share their gifts and have some fun.

Thursday, Feb 9 - Sticky Too lights up the day with a show from 3-5pm, with covers and originals done as only these two cards can deal.  Then the day of duos continues as Hugh Mitchell and Brian Bowen bring a hard hitting set from 6-8:30pm.

Friday, Feb 10 - Local favorite Jenny Odom brings her melodic voice to the stage from 3-5pm as she opens for the Bo Spring Band from 6-9pm.  If you look in the dictionary under "Friggin' Awesome Friday" you'll see this line up.  Warm up, get cozy, then get ready to get down and get it on! 
We'll order extra beer. 

Saturday, Feb 11 - Slim Fatz is back for an afternoon of growling blues and slide, playing from 2-5pm.  Then watch out as the Jerry Thigpen Trio sets Saturday night on fire from 6-9pm with some serious originals, blues, rock and roll, and a sprinkling of the Beatles.  Put your dancing boots on for this one kids!

Sunday, Feb 12 - Clayton Mathis is ready to bring his wide variety of tunes from Americana to tasty old rock n' roll classics to our stage for a show from 3-5pm.  Then, from this year's Chickfest roster, it's Savanna Leigh Bassett giving us the best in Country and Rock n' roll from 6-8:30pm.  Those who have heard this female phenom from Jacksonville know, it's a do not miss Sunday show.

How is that for kickin' off year numero quattro?  Yeah, it's gonna be another fun year.....chocked full of the best live music on this side of planet Bowery Station....the in the Bowery.