Bowery Station Music Schedule (Feb 28 - Mar 5) Late edition...

posted Feb 28, 2016, 8:38 AM by Matt Gardi
Oyster City Brewing Company's First Light.....tasty, delicious, and let's you forget all your cares.....

It also let's you forget doing things like a weekly music update on again, apologeeeze for the delayed update, here below is the reader Digest's condensed version....again.

Sunday, Feb 28 - Low Country Boyle 2-6pm.

Monday, Feb 29 - Chris Skene 6-8pm.

Tuesday, Mar 1 - Brian Bowen 6-8pm

Wednesday, Mar 2 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi 6-8pm, Open Jam 8-9pm.

Thursday, Mar 3 - Johnny Barbato 5-7pm, followed up by perhaps a local folks jam session.

Friday, March 4 - Bo Spring Band 6-9:30pm.

Saturday March 5 - Robert E 2-5pm, and Wakulla Rising 6-9:30pm.

Look forward to Sunday, March 6.....Rick Ott 2-6pm.

Now, go enjoy some OCBC beer on our patio and forget your cares, I will try and be more timely with more detail next week.

Slacker Matt G.