Bowery Station Music Schedule (Feb 21 - 27) (Reader's Digest Condensed Version)

posted Feb 21, 2016, 7:41 AM by Matt Gardi
Ok kids, my apologies as I have been remiss on my Music update, as I do try to get them out by Thursday for the upcoming week.  But hey, we just got through a bangup week of great music seven days a week....remember if you ever have a question, our schedule is up to date online on our website,

Here is a snap shot of this week's great line up.

Sunday, Feb 21 - Dave Dale and Donnie Stinson, Jr are on from 2-6pm for Sunday Matinee Music.

Monday, Feb 22 - Chris Skene continues his "Month of Mondays" in February, playing from 6-8pm.

Tuesday, February 23 - Rachel Hillman is on from 6-8pm for a great Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, February 24 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi rolls from 6-8pm, followed by Open Jam from 8-9pm.

Thursday, February 25 - Riely O & Molly B play from 6-8pm for their last show at BS for the season while they are in town.

Friday, February 26 - House favorite Boo Radley is back for a great Friday from 6-9:30pm.

Saturday, February 27 - The Jerry Thigpen Trio rocks out another Saturday at BS from 6-9:30pm.

Kicking off the following week next Sunday for Matinee Music, it's Low Country Boyle from 2-6pm, but hopefully I will tell you more about that this Thursday if I am not such a slacker as I was this week.

That's an abbreviated update, and That's BS!