Bowery Station Music Schedule (Aug 30 - Sept 1) We're Baaaaack!

posted Aug 26, 2019, 7:46 AM by Matt Gardi
Well we're kind of back, we're not really back yet, as we are still in the Keys on the tail end of a fantastic vacation... but regardless, this week sees the return of the live music emporium and shindag facilitation factory that Bowery Station has become... say goodbye to the boring nights of watching reruns of I Dream of Genie and Miami Vice wondering how long it will be until you can voyage back out and see some top talent in a venue dedicated to live music in Apalachicola... well the good ol' days will be back in just a few spins of the clock... and it will be better than ever!

Check out what we have lined up coming at you for a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Friday, August 30 - We lead off the new season as The Naked Water Band takes on opening night and kicks off Labor Day Weekend at Bowery Station from 7-10pm.  Phillip Nelson has graced our stage as a soloist before but on this fine eve he brings out the rest of the boys from Carrabelle to rock Apalachicola on a Friday night.  These guys have become quite a legend on the east side of Franklin County and we are excited to finally get them on our stage.  Put your party shoes on and let's give 'em a great notorious BS welcome!

Saturday, August 31 - The day starts off with the man, the myth, the legend...Mr. John Sutton for a show from 2:30-5:30pm.  Hailing from Nashville, John always puts on a high energy show of ear catching originals that the locals that know him have come to sing along to.  A masterful guitarist, John's enthusiasm is contagious as he hooks the crowd from the first note every time!  Then, packing out the weekend with top talent, we are pleased to have Donovan Chapman back on stage joined by bassist Jeremy Willoughby for a show from 6:30-10pm.  Another fantastic entertainer, Chapman can play just about any genre for any crowd, but his shows are highlighted by his well written originals, centered in a Country feel backfilled by his unique bayou americana that few others can emulate.  Throw Jeremy into the mix and these guys will always light up the venue like few others can.  It was hard to stop them once they got going last time they played, and we are sure these guys will make it a great Labor Day Weekend Saturday night.

Sunday, Sept 1 - (We still really are on summer hours and not open on Sundays but we thought we would make an exception or two such as Labor Day Weekend and the fact we are opening back up)  Slim Fatz is back in business joining us from 3-5pm.  Slim loves to lay down his unique style of blues, in an old time fashion that draws in Slim groupies from hours away!  A man that loves to play and it shows.  Then, catch this man while you can before he heads off on his European Tour... Clayton Mathis joins us for a show from 5-8pm.  Mathis has become well known for his songwriting, but mixes in your favorite covers from myriad of genres that please any audience.  His performance style is perfect for a Sunday afternoon as we get the live music wheels rolling and back on track at Bowery Station.

That's right kids, it's only a matter of days before you can once again join us in our venue designed for live music, for an upcoming season that will be one for the record books!  Thank you again to all of you that have supported us, and our fantastic musicians for almost 6 years now... as we always say, we can't continue to get the great talent on our stage without you, and for that we are eternally grateful. 

But for now... we soak up the last few precious days of summer vacation....and as Buffett says... the weather is here, wish you were beautiful!