Bowery Station Music Schedule (Aug 2 - 6)

posted Jul 31, 2017, 6:58 AM by Matt Gardi
Somebody say "Aww Sh**!"

Check out how this week's line up of piping hot live music starts out, then it gets sizzlin' as the week goes on...

Wednesday, Aug 2 - Open Mic is starting early running from 5 till 7.  This special evening will allow for performers to have the opportunity to have the infamous Johnny Barbato back them if they so choose.  So get out early and get on the play list, and bring a camera, as it is indeed something to write home about.  Then, Johnny takes on a special evening with a solo set from 7-9ish. 

Thursday, Aug 3 - Brian Bowen opens for The Currys.  Enough said.  

Thursday, Aug 3 - No, Matt Gardi, a man of many words will not leave it at "Enough Said!"  Hell No!  Salty troubadour Brian Bowen, a Forgotten Coast Favorite plays from 2:30-5pm as one of the few that qualify to open for some other local gents done well...The Currys who will be playing from 6-9pm. Get out early for a seat for these three talented young performers as they harmonize in Apalachicola on a Thursday night.  Yup, BS is proud to keep making Thursdays the New Friday, and we are blessed to have the Currys help us in that effort.

Friday, Aug 4 - Abby Iggy starts off the day from 2:58pm till 5:02pm.  This emerging talent only gets better and better with each show.  If you like a charismatic female vocalists with a unique rhythmic style of covers and will dig the show Abby puts on.  Then, back by popular demand, Reckless Saints take the stage from 7-10.  Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield have agreed to fit Bowery Station into their latest tour, and we are excited about the chance to showcase this national traveling act on a Friday in Apalachicola. You know those times when we say it is a do not miss evening...welllllll.

Saturday, Aug 5 - All right kids, this is an all around fun day.  George Maddox brings out his born for Country voice for a signature show from 3-5pm.  George's love for the music he plays transcends to the crowd during his shows.  Then, what better way to spend a Saturday night than with the Jerry Thigpen Trio.  These cats roll from 6:30-9:30 and are ready to get Apalachicola jumping once again.  Jerry is breaking from his Northern Summer Tour for  little mid summer southern night blues and rock jam session at Bowery Station with Pete and Bones... don't miss their only summer BS gig.

Sunday, Aug 6 - FIRST SUNDAY ALERT!  Come join us for this developing event that occurs on the First Sunday of every month.  The day starts out with Gill Autrey playing a set of classical tunes on his Spanish guitar from 2-2:30.  Gill not only plays, but educates the audience on his selections he chooses.  Then, Slim Fatz lays down his growling Blues from 2:30-4:30, with his unique style and off the cuff humor.  This month's featured artist after Slim is Lori Kline and Terry Brand, who joins us from 6-8:30.  This duo loves to put on a show of some of the best songwriter classics with great vocals, and a mix of acoustic and electric guitar.  But hold on!  The Panhandle Players are putting on a fundraiser to support their efforts to bring great plays to our small town, and in doing so are hosting a Taco Night.  Those of you that had Ramon's tacos a few weeks back know...good stuff.  NO, GREAT STUFF.  Come enjoy diverse fantastic live music, and the best tacos known to mankind while supporting the performing arts here in Apalachicola.  The first Sunday of every month...only gets better and butter.

Well, that's what we're serving...come get yourself a big fresh heapin' pile of some tasty BS!