Bowery Station Music Schedule (April 19 - 23)

posted Apr 16, 2017, 12:13 PM by Matt Gardi
Last week saw one of the best funraisers we ever had at Bowery Station on Saturday for the Friends of the St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge.  So many people to thank, all the volunteers, the musicians Matt Law, Melissa Bowman, Tim Dutrow, and the Currys, those that contributed auction items, Susan Cerulean, Debbie Hooper, Chantel Burdette, the Currys, and Jenny Odom whose painting brought in over $2000!  Also, thanks to all those in attendance that supported this event, together with whom we broke the $7,000 mark! was just a fantastic day all around.

It was a hard week to beat in terms of live music....but far be it from BS not to try to live up to our reputation of rabble rousing noise makers that aren't afraid to make a scene...right?

Check out this coming week.....

Wednesday, April 19 - How about a lead off home run?  Savanna Leigh Bassett kicks things off from 2:30-5pm.  Savanna is one of our featured musicians in Chickfest 2017 on May 13 and has a dynamic female voice that is as impressive as her strong guitar skills.  Then, it's on to Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi from 6-8ish.  This week's tips for performers will be going to Cindy Shiver Collins as she recovers from her stroke.  Cindy has been an instrumental component of our Chamber of Commerce for years, and has given so much to help businesses in our community, we hope we can do a little bit to assist with her recovery!

Thursday, April 20 - Hold on to your hats as we witness the return of the Sam and Dave show from 3-5pm.  These cats are on a mission to outdo themselves each time they step on stage, and it only gets better with each performance as their efforts slowly develop into a full on Broadway production....well off Broadway....way off Rocky Horror off Broadway. Regardless, a show not to be missed.  Then, in our continued effort to make Thursdays the new Friday, we have the debut of the Highbeams from 6-8:30. Highbeams are a trio of brothers that play emotive, high energy Folk Rock. The band has captured audiences all over the Southeast with their warm, personable stage presence and rich three-part harmonies. Highbeams have released two full length albums and have played alongside national acts such as Vertical Horizon, Chase Bryant, Col Bruce Hampton, and the Grammy nominated duo, Brothers Osborne. Today the band continues touring behind their latest release, Do Good\\Be Well, and making the most of every opportunity to share their dream with the world. 

Friday, April 21 - Abby Iggy leads off what will be a day to be remembered from 3-5pm.  Abby has shown herself to be a uniquely styled vocalist that makes each song her own while including her own ditties in her set list.  Then, let's get down to it, as the Frank Jones Band returns from 6-9pm.  Few could argue that joining Frank's remarkable string talent is a band that lights the stage up from start to finish with blues, harp, rock and keyboard.  You know it's going to be another lights out performance and we are stocking up on extra cases of cold beer for thirsty dancers.

Saturday, April 22 - Nothing.

Kidding.  Oh good gosh we are kidding, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Mccall Chapin, Tallahassee's latest rising star is joining us for a debut daytime gig from 3-5pm.  This young female talent is what the region is abuzz about and we are pleased to have her join us on the BS stage.  Then, the Jerry Thigpen Trio is back at their hard hitting blues and rock and roll like few others can offer from 6-9pm.  These guys are well established as some of the best individual talent on the Gulf Coast and collectively have put together a show that gets the house jumpin'.  A draw at the largest festivals, the Trio owns BS when they step on stage.

Sunday, April 23 - It's a salty afternoon in store with Forgotten Coast Favorite Brian Bowen playing from 4-8pm.  Brian, known for his hits that fly the Oyster radio waves, is also known for drawing them in with an essence expressing all that we on the Coast know to be true about life in these parts.  Add a bite of sarcasm to the salt on your live music platter for an afternoon of great acoustic live music.

Don't fall for cheap imitations...Bowery Station...the original bar in the Bowery....we do live music like nun udder!