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Bowery Station Music Schedule (Sept 20 - 24)

posted Sep 18, 2017, 8:55 AM by Matt Gardi

Irmageddeon has come and gone, and as we all put the wheels back on this thing called livin', Bowery Station is pleased to assist by offering a great live music lineup for your booty shakin' enjoyment...

Wednesday, Sept 20 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi runs from 6-8ish, and as always all levels of talent are welcomed and appreciated.  It's all about having fun, sharing your gifts with the crowd... and trying to expand your talent.  Only rule...bring a smile to the stage.

Thursday, Sept 21 - DEBUT ALERT!  OK kids, here is a fun one.  Straight outta da Florida Keys it's Sparky Jones from 6-8:30pm.  If you like Bob Marley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard,and Delbert McClinton, you are gonna love this colorful character that emulates the Keys spirit.  A frequent flyer on all the big stages in Key West, we are lucky to get Sparky as he passes through on tour.  Making Thursdays the new Fridays at Bowery Station!!

Friday, Sept 22 - We love this duo on a Friday night, Savanna Leigh Bassett joins Josh Watson for a show from 6:30-9:30pm.  Savanna is powerful female performer on her own and was a featured artist at Chickfest 2017, but when you put her together on stage with Josh, these two can really drive it home.  A set list that covers Country, rock, americana and well written originals, with hard driving acoustic guitars, it will be a pleasure to have these folks light up an Apalach Friday!

Saturday, Sept 23 - Sarah Moranville leads off a Saturday from 2:30 - 5pm.  This dynamic female performer is frequently compared to Melissa Bowman in terms of her style, and performances, but yet has her own remarkable signature that is noteworthy.  Sarah leads off for our return visit of the Highbeams from 7-10pm!  These three brothers with true passion for music play their own brand of emotive, high-energy Folk Rock and do a three part harmony with percussion and solid guitar riffs through a set list that almost everyone in the room finds themselves singing along to.  They bring with their energy a clear joy of hitting the stage that permeates the crowd.

Sunday, Sept 24 - A man that is made for Sundays at Bowery Station, Bruce Graybeal is back at it from 5-8:30pm with his 12 string acoustic, and an americana set list that pleases every generation!  Get on out and see what Sundays were built for!

Don't forget that this is all leading up to our Oktoberfest on Columbus day weekend, with non-stop beer, music and food from Oct 6-8!

Come cut loose at Bowery Station, your home for great live music in Apalachicola!

Bowery Station Music Schedule (Sept 13 - 17)

posted Sep 11, 2017, 11:05 AM by Matt Gardi

Hopefully this update finds everyone safe and dry after all the challenges of the past week.  Fear not, Bowery Station will be unpacking and unwrapping and will be ready to become a retreat that lets you escape all that ales you once again.

Here is what we have lined up for the coming week.....quite number of new faces in the lineup so check it out....

Wednesday, Sept 13 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi is on from 6 - 8ish.  All levels of talent are welcomed and appreciated, the only requirement is to bring a smile.  All Open Mic performer tips during September are going to contribute to the shindig the Estuary is putting on Sept 30.

Thursday, Sept 14 - BS is pleased to welcome the debut of Brown Goose as an acoustic three piece from 6-8:30pm.  This top level talent is part of our continued effort to make Thursdays the New Friday!  When Mike and Barry get together for an acoustic jam they create an indie vibe that is one of a kind. We gots the feelin this will be one of those shows they will be talking about for a few days.

Friday, Sept 15 - It's Bowery Station's "Halfway to Saint Paddy's Day" celebration.... and who better to get you in the Irish mood than Celtic on the Halfshell from 6-9pm.  Carol, Randy, Charles and Charlie always light up our St. Paddy's Day with the Irish ditties... and we are excited to have them back to celebrate being Halfway to our next St. Paddy's.  The show they put on is such fun, we couldn't wait all the way till next year.  It's halfway with Halfshell on a festive Friday!

Saturday, Sept 16 - Debut Alerts!!  First, the day starts off with David Hayes from 3-5pm.  If you like acoustic trop rock, you are gonna love the show David puts on.  Then, Bowery Station is proud to welcome the Patrick Road Band to our stage from 6:30-9:30pm.  Another group out of the Valdosta music scene, these folks put on a show of blues based rock band that mixes in some great originals.  This is a day meant for serving up some fresh musicians, like BS loves to do.

Sunday, Sept 17 - Another Debut?  Yup, you got that right.  We love getting fresh faces and fresh sounds to the BS and Keith Rea is ready to put on a show from 6-8:30 this Sunday evening.  Keith has been a featured performer at countless festivals including the Johnson City Folk Festival and brings a wealth of experience to the stage as well as a variety of styles and genres. From love songs to train songs, Keith’s lyrics conjure stories of people, places, and situations that feel both familiar and yet somehow fresh. His instrumental styling’s cover the landscape from finger picked ballads to raucous twelve bar blues.  Now how is that for a Sunday...

Bowery Station is ready to roll into the fall with new acts, house favorites, and smilin' faces!  Come on out and get yourselves a nice fresh heapin' pile of BS served up tall!

Bowery Station Music Schedule (Sept 6 - 10)

posted Sep 4, 2017, 7:10 AM by Matt Gardi

It was a great weekend to open the doors of Bowery Station and kick off the fall!  We shook the dust off, and cut loose!  It only gets better going into the fall....

Things are shaping up nicely this week at your home for the best live music in Apalachicola...

Wednesday, Sept 6 - Open Mic is back on, hosted by Matt Gardi from 6-8ish.  Time to get the rust off those old vocal chords and come sing a song or two on the BS stage.  As always, all levels of talent are welcomed and appreciated as this month's performer tips will be going to help raise some funds for the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve and the shindig they are planning on September 30th at BS!

Thursday, Sept 7 - BS is please to have Alan Parkinson back on stage from 6-8:30pm.  Alan is an acoustic soloist who plays a mix of covers and well written originals.  He is a frequent flyer on the Tallahassee music scene and is enjoyed by any generation.

Friday, Sept 8 - Dylan "Ragpicker" Allen is back for an afternoon show from 3-5pm.  With great vocals, fantastic guitar licks, Dylan always puts on a driving energetic show encompassing a variety of percussive instruments along the way!  Then, get ready to rock as Six String South hits Apalachicola on a Friday Night from 7-10pm.  These cats love to play and always get the crowd jumpin' with their rock, southern rock, and country.  

Saturday, Sept 9 - Cat Braaten kicks of the day from 3-5pm with a voice that is made for Saturday afternoons in Apalachicola.  Along with great covers, Cat is known well for her originals, and energetic guitar.  Then, get your dancin' shoes on as the Bo Spring Band is ready to rip it up with another of their signature performances from 7-10pm.  The scene at BS when these kids get rolling has become almost legendary, as each show takes on a life of itself.  This Saturday night will prove no different....

Sunday, Sept 10 - It's a day to relax and take in some of the best Apalachicola has to offer, as Abby Iggy and Tommy Cooper alternate sets from 4-8pm.  Abby, known not only for her vocals, but brings some well written originals to her set lists.  Tommy, has an aptitude to pick up new music and always surprises the crowd with his covers, and diverse selections.  It's what Sundays are made for...chillaxin' with two great local performers!

Don't forget, you can always see the BS music schedule in real time as far out as we book by clicking here!

Come on out and take a dip in the live music pool at Bowery Station... your home for great live music in Apalachicola!

Bowery Station Music Schedule (Sept 1 - 3) We're Baaack!

posted Aug 28, 2017, 4:26 AM by Matt Gardi

Summer vacation has left us refreshed and invigorated... and we at BS are ready to dish out some seriously great live music, along with unbridled debauchery as we go into the Fall of '17....

What's Labor Day weekend shaping up like.... hang on to your bouncin' bonnets....

Friday, Sept 1 - Get ready for a welcome back fall kick-off party like nun udder.  George Maddox starts things off from 4-6pm.  George has developed a great show of Country and Southern Fried Rock and loves to perform.  He will be a great opening act for Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Doggs from 7-10.  Johnny has been waiting to get back in the saddle with the boys on the BS stage, and kicking off Labor Day Weekend will be a great way for them to break loose.  Also, as a special treat, we have commissioned Babs and Bill Samuelson, the 2nd place finishers in this year SPAM cook-off, to batch up some of their award winning BarbQ in a jar, (Complimentary...first come, first served!) so come on out and enjoy some great live music and fantastic food courtesy of Babs and Bill.  Serving starts around 5ish.   Mmmmmmmm.

Saturday, Sept 2 - Saturday Daytime rarely sees it this good, but it was the only time we could get these folks on the schedule.... we're talking the debut of the Li'lGrizzly Boogie Band from 3-6pm.  Lil’Grizzly Boogie Band brings pure southern boogie home to north Florida. You can hear their local roots in their unaffected sound, not a toe will be untapped when they turn up the lap steel, tune up the mandolin and polish the brass on the tuba when they take the stage for a taste of southern fried boogie music.  Then, who better to take on a Saturday night of a Holiday weekend, then Melissa Bowman and Tim Dutrow of the TurkeyBasters from 6:30-9:30pm.  This powerhouse duo defines talent... and enthusiasm.  Melissa, arguably one of the best female vocalists on the Gulf Coast brings a set list to Dutrow's percussion... and it's on.  Also, look out for Cathy Buell grillin' up some Dogs for Cats, as she makes up the Nathan's to benefit the SGI Cat Allies!

Sunday, Sept 3 - FIRST SUNDAY!   Wahooo... Come check out this developing monthly event as Gill Autrey kicks things off with a set of Classical Music from 2-2:30, then Slim Fatz takes over with his unique style of growling blues and oldies 2:30-4:30, then to close out this month's First Sunday, come enjoy Boo Radley from 6-8:30pm.  It's been a while since we have had Patty and Michael on the BS stage, and being the featured artist of First Sunday is a fitting return.  Also, for those of you with hunger pains... Ramon is back with his world famous Tacos to benefit the PanHandle Players!  Serving starts at 6pm... now that is a First Sunday!!

We're excited to get rollin' again at Bowery Station, rolling into the fall with a great live music line up, some of the best weather the Forgotten Coast can dish out, and a whole mess of new fresh sarcasm and delightful frivolity!

Fall into Bowery Station... your home for great live music in Apalachicola!

Bowery Station Music Schedule (Aug 14-31) Summer Vacation

posted Aug 16, 2017, 6:26 AM by Matt Gardi

So while everyone rests during the Bowery Station Summer Vacation...take the time to dream about....

WHEN IT ALL KICKS OFF AGAIN SEPT 1st .... and beyond....

Come on out for our Fall Kick off on Friday, September 1st with Clayton Mathis kicking things off for Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Doggs!  Johnny with the full one can start a season of live music off better!

Then, get ready for ...

ApalachOktoberfest 2017 
Come Enjoy Apalachicola's 4th Annual Celebration of Beer and Music hosted by Oyster City Brewing Company and Bowery Station from October 6-8th!

This year's three day event during Columbus Day Weekend (Held Friday and Saturday at Bowery Station, and Sunday in front of Oyster City) features:
The Jerry Thigpen Trio with special guest Dell Suggs, Dirty Bird & the Flu, Well Worn Soles, the Bo Spring Band, John Sutton and Brian Bowen, Matt Law and the Usual Suspects, Johnny Barbato and the Lucky Doggs, Eric Pfuefer and Bill Pandolfi, and all the way from California Pope Paul and the Illegals!

OCBC's Lyin' Fish Lager and Tates Helles will fill commemorative liter beer mugs, as great food, contests and frivolity all three days will make for another memorable event celebrating the great brews from Oyster City, and the fantastic talent that graces the Bowery Station stage.

Get ready for's going to be goooood, at Bowery Station, your home for great fresh live music in Apalachicola!

Bowery Station Music Schedule (Aug 2 - 6)

posted Jul 31, 2017, 6:58 AM by Matt Gardi

Somebody say "Aww Sh**!"

Check out how this week's line up of piping hot live music starts out, then it gets sizzlin' as the week goes on...

Wednesday, Aug 2 - Open Mic is starting early running from 5 till 7.  This special evening will allow for performers to have the opportunity to have the infamous Johnny Barbato back them if they so choose.  So get out early and get on the play list, and bring a camera, as it is indeed something to write home about.  Then, Johnny takes on a special evening with a solo set from 7-9ish. 

Thursday, Aug 3 - Brian Bowen opens for The Currys.  Enough said.  

Thursday, Aug 3 - No, Matt Gardi, a man of many words will not leave it at "Enough Said!"  Hell No!  Salty troubadour Brian Bowen, a Forgotten Coast Favorite plays from 2:30-5pm as one of the few that qualify to open for some other local gents done well...The Currys who will be playing from 6-9pm. Get out early for a seat for these three talented young performers as they harmonize in Apalachicola on a Thursday night.  Yup, BS is proud to keep making Thursdays the New Friday, and we are blessed to have the Currys help us in that effort.

Friday, Aug 4 - Abby Iggy starts off the day from 2:58pm till 5:02pm.  This emerging talent only gets better and better with each show.  If you like a charismatic female vocalists with a unique rhythmic style of covers and will dig the show Abby puts on.  Then, back by popular demand, Reckless Saints take the stage from 7-10.  Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield have agreed to fit Bowery Station into their latest tour, and we are excited about the chance to showcase this national traveling act on a Friday in Apalachicola. You know those times when we say it is a do not miss evening...welllllll.

Saturday, Aug 5 - All right kids, this is an all around fun day.  George Maddox brings out his born for Country voice for a signature show from 3-5pm.  George's love for the music he plays transcends to the crowd during his shows.  Then, what better way to spend a Saturday night than with the Jerry Thigpen Trio.  These cats roll from 6:30-9:30 and are ready to get Apalachicola jumping once again.  Jerry is breaking from his Northern Summer Tour for  little mid summer southern night blues and rock jam session at Bowery Station with Pete and Bones... don't miss their only summer BS gig.

Sunday, Aug 6 - FIRST SUNDAY ALERT!  Come join us for this developing event that occurs on the First Sunday of every month.  The day starts out with Gill Autrey playing a set of classical tunes on his Spanish guitar from 2-2:30.  Gill not only plays, but educates the audience on his selections he chooses.  Then, Slim Fatz lays down his growling Blues from 2:30-4:30, with his unique style and off the cuff humor.  This month's featured artist after Slim is Lori Kline and Terry Brand, who joins us from 6-8:30.  This duo loves to put on a show of some of the best songwriter classics with great vocals, and a mix of acoustic and electric guitar.  But hold on!  The Panhandle Players are putting on a fundraiser to support their efforts to bring great plays to our small town, and in doing so are hosting a Taco Night.  Those of you that had Ramon's tacos a few weeks back know...good stuff.  NO, GREAT STUFF.  Come enjoy diverse fantastic live music, and the best tacos known to mankind while supporting the performing arts here in Apalachicola.  The first Sunday of every month...only gets better and butter.

Well, that's what we're serving...come get yourself a big fresh heapin' pile of some tasty BS!

Bowery Station Music Schedule (July 26 - 30)

posted Jul 24, 2017, 8:58 AM by Matt Gardi

Last weekend's TallaHappy Daze proved to be a fun display of Tallahassee's top talent, culminating with a roof raising ruckus on Sunday eve with HighTest!

So, what have the cooks in the BS fresh music kitchen whipped up for your entertainment appetites this week....

Wednesday, July 26th - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi runs from 6-8ish as we continue to raise a few dollars with performer tips for the Franklin County Humane Society during the months of July and August.  The last few weeks have seen a diverse array of performers, as all levels of talent are welcome and appreciated, and listeners have watched some folks take big strides in developing their performing skills.

Thursday, July 27th - Get ready to rock n' roll as Southern Flood helps to make Thursdays the New Fridays in Apalachicola on the Bowery Station stage from 6-9pm.  With a continually evolving set list, Hobson and the boys play all the classics with a joy of performing that goes unmatched.  Always a rockin' show that raises the roof and gets you up and dancing, this Thursday will prove no different.

Friday, July 28th - Clayton Mathis is ready to brew up a set of  Americana from 3-5pm, bringing his crowd pleasing set list and signature vocals that we have all come to appreciate, then, back by popular demand, Bowery Station is pleased to present the band that no live music enthusiast can resist...Dirty Bird and the Flu from 7-10!  These cats from Valdosta bring the serious blues, funk and groove to their shows...and it's contagious.  Come catch the Flu at BS this Friday!

Saturday, July 29th - Sweet Honey Hospitality is back on the BS stage from 2-5pm.  A house favorite, this Dothan duo of Mike and Malinda bring a show of Americana with a taste of country and folk as they harmonize like few others can.  Then, bring on the southern rock and rock n' roll as Six String South lights up a Saturday night in Apalachicola from 6:30-9:30pm.  Incredible guitar licks and solid vocals are the order of the day as these guys take you on a tour of your favorite covers.

Sunday, July 30th - The Bill Pandolfi Trio returns to Bowery Station for an evening of blues and rock from 5-8:30pm.  Few have the talent of these three, but more so, combined they always keep the crowd engaged with their tight and intricate renditions of a set list that spans the generations.  There is no better way to enjoy a Sunday evening in Apalachicola than with Bill Pandolfi.

Come enjoy that menu of fresh, piping hot music at Bowery Station....your home for live music in Apalachicola.

Bowery Station Music Schedule (July 19 - 23)

posted Jul 17, 2017, 8:55 AM by Matt Gardi

Whether it's raining or sunny, Bowery Station, Apalachicola's home of great live music, is always cooking up that fresh live music for the taste buds in your ear....this week culminating with TallaHappy Daze, a weekend long tribute to the best musicians Tallahassee has to offer.....

Smell those tunes they're beginning to boil....

Wednesday, July 19 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi is rolling from 6-8ish, and as always is a chance for your to showcase your talents in a warm, welcoming environment.  All performer tips during the months of July and August will go to benefit the Franklin County Humane Society in lead up to their Sizzler 5K road race on SGI on Saturday, August 5.  So come on out, sing a song, jam on an auto harp, or tell a joke....all for a good cause.

Thursday. July 20 - DEBUT ALERT!  More fresh music for your ears!  First, Brandi Adams plays from 3-5pm.  Brandi, joining us on her tour, hails from Anna Marie Island and plays primarily her own original music graced by her unique voice.  Original...we like that at BS!  Then, following Brandi is another female vocalist, Annie Kennedy, who plays from 6-8:30pm.  Kennedy, from Nashville, brings a high-energy Acoustic Show to festivals, venues, and house shows on her current tour throughout the Southeast and Midwest, with original music that mixes classic country sounds with modern melodies.  There's that word again, original....come check out both of these great new performers that Bowery Station is pleased to bring to the hungry Apalachicola live music enthusiasts as we continue to strive to make Thursdays the New Fridays.

And now folks and fans, pots and pans...get ready for...


That's right, Bowery Station is pleased to present to Apalachicola a full weekend of the best of Tallahassee Musicians!  

Friday, July 21 - Let's kick things off with McCall Chapin from 3-5pm.  This youthful female talent is a rising star with a voice direct from heaven.  She can captivate an audience not only with her voice and guitar, but also with her enthusiasm and well written originals.  With the poise of much more experienced performers, McCall is one of those performers you immediately realize and being destined for greatness.  Then, what better way to enjoy a Friday night than with the return of the Common Taters and the Turnups from 7-10pm.  Michael and gang always put on a fun show that spans the genres, and conveys their clear enjoyment of performing.  Clearly a top level talent from Tally!!!

Saturday, July 22 - It's a Trifecta!  Lori Kline and Terry Brand return to kick off the day from 3-5pm.  These kids have been mainstays in the Tally Music scene for decades, and rightfully so.  Individually, each have a great stage presence, but put them together with a set list that has you singing along and it always makes for a great show.  Then, house and Apalach favorites, Boo Radley are set to bring their impressive show of dynamic vocals, impressive guitar and some of the best written originals out for a show from 5:30-8pm.  But it's not over yet, breaking all the rules, Bowery Station goes late night with Invented Truths, featuring Dylan "Rag Picker" Allen from 8:30-11pm.  These young kids have a high energy show that is defined by enthusiasm and love of performance.  A diverse set list, matched with incredible talent, Invented Truths can put on a show that every generation enjoys.  This one goes to "11."

Sunday, July 23 - The Tally Talent doesn't stop there, we close out the weekend with more of the best.  Mickey Abraham is joined by Kat Long (of Adventures of Annabelle Lyn fame) from 2:30 - 5pm.  Mickey is a picking talent all to himself, and a master of the Mandolin, then pair him with the powerful vocals and solid guitar of Kat, and we are in for an afternoon of musical delicacy!  Then, to bringing a climax to the weekend's music, Bowery Station is pleased and excited to welcome back Tallahassee HIghTest from 6-9pm.  Get out your dancing shoes, and get ready to cut the rug as these cats bring an all original jam session of high energy funk, soul and groove to the stage.  There is no holding back once they get rolling, as Apalachicola will be hoppin' on a Sunday eve.

Step on out, and step into a healthy heap of BS and enjoy some of the best original live music to be found on the Gulf Coast at Bowery Station, your home for great live music in Apalachicola.

See you at the show!

Bowery Station Music Schedule (July 12 - 16)

posted Jul 10, 2017, 6:18 AM by Matt Gardi

The days are getting shorter as we roll into July... you can almost feel a chill in the air...except for the hot fresh music we are going to serve up this week....

Get a fork and dig in....

Wednesday, July 12 - Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi will roll from 6-8ish, with all performer tips generated will be going to benefit the Franklin County Humane Society during the months of July and August.  So come on out and sing a song, do a dance, or tell a joke.  Just bring a smile to the stage as all levels of talent are welcomed and appreciated.

Thursday, July 13 - Start off the day with a fresh debut as Rev Gusto plays from 3-5pm, this talented pop duo puts on a family friendly show that is perfect for a Thursday afternoon.  Then, we are excited about having Chris and Haden of the Flathead Stringband back in the house from 6-8:30 for another fun show of old time, blue grass and folk.  These guys always have the crowd stompin' and hootin' we continue to make Thursdays the new Fridays.  This show will be helping the boys raise a little gas money for the jalopy as they prepare to head up to Knoxville to appear on the Blue Plate Special Radio show!

Friday, July 14 - Homegrown Tommy Cooper takes the stage from 3-5pm with his ever expanding setlist that can reach any generation and powerful rhythmic acoustic guitar that gives Bo Spring a run for his money when it comes to busting strings!  Then, we cook up some more fresh live music with the TurkeyBasters from 7-10pm.  Melissa Bowman and Tim Dutrow always put on a show, and when better to enjoy their high energy performance than on a Friday night at Bowery Station!

Saturday, July 15 - David Rueve from Dothan is joining us from 3-6pm for a solo acoustic performance that will prove to be a chillaxing afternoon leading us into.....another all out face melting jam from one of the the regions most popular (and talented) acts, the Bo Spring Band from 7-10pm.  Bo, joined by Lauren, Randon and Tim define giving it their all, both through their energy and showmanship, as well as their original tunes that get the crowd off their feet and keep them their.  Plan accordingly....we're ordering extra beer!

Sunday, July 16 - DEBUT ALERT!  ...and it's a good one.  Bowery Station is pleased to present to Apalachicola in conjunction with Rick Ott....The Hummingbirds from 5-8:30pm!   Southern Charm & Detroit Grit is the essence of this Americana duo. Genuine and playful, earnest & soulful, The Hummingbirds (S.G. Wood & Rachel Lynn) have a hybrid sound that is all their own. Expect to hear tales of love and loss, sure, but expect the unexpected as they weave in stories of rattlesnakes and swamps, highways, and lighthouses. Their recordings, (most recently 2015’s release, 13 Days) along with their live stage chemistry has garnered them the favorable attention of fans and music critics alike from Detroit to Tampa, Asheville, to Nashville, and many towns and cities in between.  Apalachicola soon to be another!

Thanks for your continued support as we at Bowery Station continue to bring Apalachicola the best in live music, always trying to balance fresh acts with our favorites....and all in a casual venue that epitomizes that "Old Florida" feel....because...after all .....That's BS!  

Bowery Station Music Schedule (July 3 - 9)

posted Jul 3, 2017, 7:30 AM by Matt Gardi

It's Monday...and Bowery Station is open?!?!  Ya got that right...because we like to celebrate Independence in a grand way...

Monday, July 3 - Abby Iggy starts off the celebration from 2-4:30 with her soulful singin', opening up for the hard hitting boys from Six String South who will be rocking from 5pm until the fireworks start boomin'.  Come on out and enjoy a great Monday and start your Independence Day Celebration off right!

Wednesday, July 5 - Get your salt on with Brian Bowen from 2:30-5pm then come on out from 6-8ish and sing a song at the infamous Bowery Station Open Mic hosted by Matt Gardi.  All performer tips generated for the month of July and August will go to benefit the Franklin County Humane Society in lead up to the SGI Sizzler 5K on Saturday August 5th.

Thursday, July 6 - Bowery Station, in striving to make Thursdays the New Fridays, presents the return of Treble Hook from 6-9pm.  These guys know how to rock it out with a southern fried energy, lighting up the stage with some of the best percussion, vocals and guitar licks you will find on the Forgotten Coast.  It's Thursday...and it is going to eleven.

Friday, July 7 - Two of Apalachicola's favorites are lined up for a great Friday.  First, Chelsea and Emerson of Well Worn Soles bring their light hearted folk, fiddle and guitar out for a show from 3-5pm that reminds one of Patsy Cline and John Prine.  Then, who better to follow up our favorite folk heros than.....get ready for 'bout The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn from 7-10pm!  These ladies were showstoppers during Chickfest 2017 and quickly became the talk of the town.  With masterful fiddle, upright bass and guitar, these ladies can harmonize like few other acts as their energetic show commands attention.  While their covers range from folk to Floyd, their originals are by far the best part of the show!  Now that is what Fridays are made for!

Saturday, July 8 - Feeling Lucky?  Well we are as Lucky Mud returns to Bowery Station from 2:30-5pm for another performance that pleases any generation.  Then, get ready to rock n' roll because the boys of Southern Flood are ready to lay down some serious tunes from 6:30-9:30pm.  These cats always bring something new out to help raise the roof at Bowery Station so plan accordingly, there will be some dancing, and hootin' and hollerin' going on this Saturday!

Sunday, July 9 - Bruce Graybeal brings his acoustic 12 string back to the stage for a show of americana and folk from 3-5pm.  Then, in Bowery Station's continued effort to bring fresh music to the stage, we welcome West of Staley Jazz Trio from 6-9pm.  These young talents will set a great vibe for a Sunday evening in Apalachicola!

No rest for the weary live music enthusiast...but hey, that's what we do at Bowery Station...serving up fresh talent for the hungry masses as only BS can do!

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